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UBS global first established in 2016 based in the UK.UBS global is a subsidiary of UBS Group's functional operation of venture capital funds in the field of digital technology investments.

 the company is responsible for managing the fund and trust fund mobilization of business partners or individuals.

with the aim of giving customers confidence and sustainable profit, global UBS has continuously developed innovative and world-wide.

Investing intelligently to provide for your needs and help you reach your goals

Building an investment plan and an optimal asset allocation strategy to meet your unique needs requires careful consideration and often, outside expertise. Our UBS Financial Advisors are committed to helping you with this process, allowing you to spend more time on the activities you truly enjoy.

we choose to invest in digital technology, the leading sectors of the development trend. rapid development of technology has changed all that limited human understanding, we believe that the change of the financial markets in the coming years will be the first opportunity to taste can not be missed.

UBS global is part of the UBS Group, played a major role in managing and operating cash flow of venture capital funds. we put a great concern to the development of algorithms currencies, accompanied ecosystems and service network caters to that ecosystem.

We invested heavily in technology to harness the coins algorithm and system services to grow the value of the coins. global development of UBS's reputation but also we will help this historic opportunity into reality values.

UBS global investment in infrastructure, mining farms professional coin, coin focus on valuable algorithms and strengths.

We have mines primarily located in Iceland where energy costs less, good internet connection and a cold climate.

these are factors that reduce the cost of mining resources bring high investment value.

We always bring the highest return value to the customer when investment together UBS global